Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learn python the hard way Exercise 0-1 done

Well I though I would document my journey of learning python by posting on this blog to help collect my thoughts on what I have learned so far. Learn Python the hard was was recommended to me by both Chad Moore and Jason Park to great Tech artist in the industry. So I just dove right in to get my bearings in the environment.

While I do have some scripting background in both Javascript, c#, and mel it was high time to learn python. In    learn python the hard way it highly recommend that you use python 2 instead of python three without explain why. Me wanting to learn the most up to date python just went along and started using 3 thinking I would not get into trouble ... I was wrong. There were quite a few syntax changes from 2 to 3 but now I see this as a new challenge and an even greater way to expand upon my learning experience. Plus who does not love a good challenge.

So I fallowed instructions and learned how to make a directory in power-shell as well as other files and some other much needed basics. Then I executed the Python code with power-shell and wallah I am well on my way.

Also print text needed to be encapsulated from python 2-3 I can understand/dig it ;D

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