Thursday, May 30, 2013

Learn Python the hard way 2-5

Time for another update before a take a short break from python. Just grinded trough lesson 2-5 while looking for extra info on python.

I has a nice run trough of pythons operators and I now know how to use it's basic math functions. The % sigh was a bit annoying but now that I know it returns a remainder that could still be useful. another useful one is the sum([x, y, x, x, y, z ]) function which just adds these numbers together instead of you having to write them all out with addition signs.

I love how easy it is to set up a variable in python. just name = int or sting and bam! you are done. there are no need for terminators or anything it is kind of nice.

If statements trough me for a bit of a look did not realize you needed to indent the lower line for it to be apart of the statement. I am a little embarrassed at how long it to me to figure that out.

the image below is from lesson 5

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learn python the hard way Exercise 0-1 done

Well I though I would document my journey of learning python by posting on this blog to help collect my thoughts on what I have learned so far. Learn Python the hard was was recommended to me by both Chad Moore and Jason Park to great Tech artist in the industry. So I just dove right in to get my bearings in the environment.

While I do have some scripting background in both Javascript, c#, and mel it was high time to learn python. In    learn python the hard way it highly recommend that you use python 2 instead of python three without explain why. Me wanting to learn the most up to date python just went along and started using 3 thinking I would not get into trouble ... I was wrong. There were quite a few syntax changes from 2 to 3 but now I see this as a new challenge and an even greater way to expand upon my learning experience. Plus who does not love a good challenge.

So I fallowed instructions and learned how to make a directory in power-shell as well as other files and some other much needed basics. Then I executed the Python code with power-shell and wallah I am well on my way.

Also print text needed to be encapsulated from python 2-3 I can understand/dig it ;D

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rigging Work 01

 This is a Rig I build for the main character in Fearless.

This rig was for the for that was for my 3D class. 

 These Rigs were not used in the game but were instead used for posing purposes in promotional material for Undertakes the 2013 Columbia college senior capstone. The character team needed to pose the character for high quality renders and wanted more use friendly posing tools instead of the rotating the bones. So I added control curves and cleaned up some of the weighting.

3D Environment Final 2012

This was my Environment final not much to say. I just built and environment based of of a picture.It was a good learning experiences in environment planning and world building.

Zombie Empire

Zombie Empire is a card game being made by my friend Cary Zhang. He had cards sketched out then had me ink and color some cards for him. None of the sketches were done by me all I did was ink and color.

Silhouette Practic

This guy was made for character development practice. I started off making different silhouette and continued his visual development until I got him to this point. It was fun, perhaps in the future I may do some more work with or on this guy.

It's Dangeous To Go ALone

 So over winter in January of 2013 I took a class called Indie Game Sprint where student were place in small teams and made a game in two weeks. Below is some of the work I did on the project. I was in charge of handling all of the art assets for the game.

Here are some of the concepts for the monsters and player characters.

After talking with the designers we settled on monster and the two players for our coop game.

After all is said and doesn't the product that was made is in video & screenshots below unfortunately we did not place a web build at this time though if you would like to play with a friend contact me and I will send you a copy.