Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So I just finished texture painting in Zbrush and just decided to make a quick Zphere build of this sketch I had of a mini dino. The adabtive skin looked good so i exsported an OBJ and when I get some free time I am going to build him up in maya and take him back to Zbrush.

He is going to be so cute when he is done.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Travler

So after seeing the game Journey in action i was blown away by how pretty the game is and the experience it brings to gamers. It also made me want a little traveler of my own so I drew one up. Also going to show the whole process of how I made him. As you can see he pretty simple but I like him And soon I will build a 3d one and hopefully have him running around in unity pretty soon.

Wanderer Concept

A concept for a creature that i want to model sometime down the road when I get a bit of free time. ;D


So I found this cool destine a suit of  armor on cg hub and perhaps at a later date I will make the whole thing but for now I started working on the helmet. The overall shaped I started with a smoothed cube and pulled down its edges to get the basic shape.  Then I just modified the faces on it to get the opening and added a ridged around the outside. The spike on the top was a simple cone with some modified edge-loops. The wings are the only thing I am not sure on as of right now I may go back and changed them before I start unwrapping. I will keep you updated Blog spot.